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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Team enCompass Racing 2011

Welcome to the official site of enCompass Racing for 2011! We are currently busy building our bikes, finishing up our long winter training and getting ready to light up the road in the next few weeks as racing starts. FOCUS Bikes are our main equipment sponsor, and the ride from atop these bikes is amazing!! "The faster you go, the better it gets..." Well lets hope we all have some speed this year! And to finish off those long, hard 5 hour rides, what better way to recover than Mix 1?? We are thankful to have this company on board with enCompass Racing because they have the best recovery drinks. And to make sure we grip the road and provide a smooth ride, Schwalbe Tires.

Meet the Team...

Race age: Road/Mountain 17, CX 18
Disciplines: Cyclocross, Mountain, Road
Strengths: Cyclocross
My Bikes: Focus Izalco Team Replica, Focus FSL 4.0
Favorite Mix 1 Flavor: Strawberry banana
Goals for 2011: To make a name for myself in the 17/18 category nationally, and to go to Cyclocross Worlds

Leading the field in a breakaway

Race age: 19
Disciplines: Track, Road
Strengths: Sprinting
My Bikes: Focus Cayo, Focus Pista
Favorite Mix 1 Flavor: Peach
Goals for 2011: Transition into the senior ranks and gain valuable race experience to build a foundation to be able to podium at Collegiate and Elite Track Nationals

In the field

Race age: 49
Discliplines: Cyclocross, Mountain, Road
Strengths: Climbing
My Bikes: Focus Izalco Team Replica, Black Forest 29er
Favorite Mix 1 Flavor: Blueberry Vanilla
Goals for 2011: To share the love of the bike with others and improve on my 4th place effort from last year at the 2011 Mountain Bike Nationals

Gunning it at the start

Stay tuned for more enCompass Racing coming very soon as racing heats up on and off the road!

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