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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teva Games

enCompass Racing spent the weekend up in Vail for the Teva Games, and participated in the mountain bike cross country race on Saturday, then brought the pain on again with an uphill road time trial on Sunday! On the mountain bike Zane made his way on to the podium in the expert category with a third place, while Tim raced his way on to the podium in the 45 men with a bronze as well. On sunday Zane raced the juniors for the time trial and climbed into a gold medal! Not to be outdone, Tim again made his way onto the men's 45 podium with a second place effort.

Tim flying on the descent

Zane holding speed through a corner

Tim's Race Report:
The Teva Games were huge…thousands of people everywhere and a big crowd for the mountain bike race! The course was mostly fire road and presumably easy. Wrong! With many feet of climbing each lap, it was comparative to racing up Flagstaff Mountain each lap! And then there were short sections of single track in the high-speed descent that kept a smile on your face. Thank goodness for grippy tires from Schwalbe and good nutrition from mix1 that kept the whole thing going. Teva Games was a fast-paced mountain bike race that was a whole lot of fun! Oh yeah…then there was that road thing the next day up Vail Pass.

Tim on the podium

Zane on the podium

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