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Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's that time again...

Cyclocross season has now officially come barreling down upon us and enCompass Racing is enjoying some down and dirty 'cross racing! The air now rings with the deep clanging of cowbells cheering racers on to go faster, and morning start times now warrant legs warmers and the thermal jacket makes it's grand entrance for the season from the back of the closet. Tim has been flying the enCompass colors for the last 3 weeks, but this past weekend he rode a strong race that placed him on the podium in 3rd, at Boulder Racing's Xilinx race!

Running over the barriers.

Tim's Race Report:

'Cross season is now upon us...the racing is intense and so much fun! There are so many levelers in cross that keeps every rider honest. During the short length of a cross race, you push yourself further than in many longer events. It is the most anaerobic endeavor in which I have ever participated.

Racing with the beautiful Boulder flatirons in the background.

After a pair of 4th's the last 2 weeks, I moved up a spot in today's race and made the podium by finishing third. It was fun to be a part of the front of the race as the top 3 riders today rode together by separating ourselves from the rest of the field and trying to figure out how to beat each other. Unfortunately I bobbled the last set of barriers and paid for it with a 2 second gap...lights out! I was not going to get the lead 2 riders back but was happy in finishing third. Certainly what makes this possible is @mix1. It provides excellent nutrition for hard efforts before the race and great recovery afterwards. I love my mix1's on race days like this one!

Tim in 3rd place!

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