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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Colorado is notorious for changing weather and snowy spring days. That was the forecast for today, but the clouds decided to hold and give the riders a nice day to duke it out on the treacherous, dirt hill!

Tim's Race Report:
The Koppenberg is an epic race, and this year was no exception. Even though the dirt had been smoothed out, some new faces as well as familiar ones kept it interesting by consistently pushing the pace. It was fast and continued to select itself out. After getting gapped off on lap 3, I felt fortunate to be in the front group going into the final lap. I was sitting inside the top 10, but halfway through the dirt pinch-flatted. Unfortunate timing, but racing does not discriminate in this way. Live to race another day!

Leading the field up the hill

In the pack

Zane's Race Report:
Todays race on the Koppenberg had some of the calmest weather I have ever seen at this race. When I got up this morning it was a little cold, but I was really excited to get out there and have fun. I got to ride my Ultremo Double Defense to not get a pinch flat, they worked well, and the FOCUS bike rolled smoothly over the terrain. On the first lap I just went to the front and picked the pace up. Once I got settled in I just got a free ride in the group, but on the third lap I was feeling good so I went to the front. That's when I looked back and only saw 13 other riders in our group! We just pushed it hard to the finish.

Pushing the pace at the front

At the front

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