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Monday, May 16, 2011

Uni Hill Crit

Crit Racing returned to downtown Boulder! It was a very technical course that was either going up or down. The 45+ master men were scheduled for the morning but due to rain, Tim decided to race the Cat. 3 men with Zane later in the day after it dried out a bit.

Zane's Race Report:

The Uni Hill crit is one of the most fun crits that I have ever raced! The course was straight up, and then you descended right back down. On the up hill there were a lot of attacks, and that really selected out the race. The cat 3’s raced for 60 mins. And when were at 30 to go, there was only a group of 12 or so riders left. Whenever the group would go down the hill I would always try to be the one on the front so then I could stay safe. But not only did I stay safe I could pull away from the group, that was because of my tires. The Ultremo ZX’s were the prefect tire for all the high speed, off camber corners. When it came to the last lap it was one of the fastest times I went up that hill! But when it came to the last corner Michael Dessau beat me in to it. So he was the winner, and I got second. Once I finished I went straight to our car to get my Mix 1. It really helped me recover from the hard effort.

Here’s a shout out to Hannelore and Yannick Eckmann. Hannelore for all the awesome pictures. And Yannick for yelling at me to get up the hill! Thanks guys.

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